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You are invited to apply for a working student position with JP !

Baroque Farms USA is an Andalusian and Lusitano Breeding Farm that is also home to JP Giacomini's EQUUS Academy. The farm is located in the beautiful Bluegrass Region of Kentucky where the grass is from heaven and the weather is just right. Our beautiful 135+ acre farm is 25 minutes from Lexington Bluegrass airport. This is a unique opportunity to work with a highly desirable classical breed of horse under the direction of reknowned Master Horseman Jean Philippe ('JP') Giacomini. More...


Senior working student and barn manager Cedar Potts
"I know JP has mentioned the importance of learning by watching and I wholeheartedly agree. One of the things I love about the position I'm in is that I have my responsibilities, but I am given the freedom to adjust them in a way that allows me to squeeze in time watching when JP is working a horse. I know I am very far off from JP's skill level, but even so, I have moments where I get myself in the correct position and suddenly, for a moment, I can connect what I'm feeling to what JP looks like when he rides. I have no doubt that this occurs because of the hours I spend watching him." Cedar Potts

This is a video of senior working student Cedar Potts. Cedar is shown riding 2 different project horses. She is fully responsible for all care and training of these young horses of course under the tutelage of JP. The pinto mare came to her very green with much tension and fear. You can see the relaxed manor in which she works this horse. JP explains "petit trot " or "little trot". The video was taken after 90 days of training. The second horse is a Lusitano that was newly under saddle at the time this footage was taken. He is learning counter canter.

Senior working student Lindsey Thatcher
" I have been a working student at Baroque Farms/EQUUS Academy since August 2010. Over that time, I have had the opportunity to train under J.P. in the different aspects of a breeding and training facility. It has been a unique experience to learn to train not only his wonderful horses, but the different breeds sent here as well. The other aspects of the farm are taught with equal importance to that of training. One has the opportunity to learn and participate in breeding, foaling, general/specialized horse care, and a number of other things which helps one become a well rounded horse person. The atmosphere in the barn is one of hardworking camaraderie. The number, ages, and backgrounds of the students may vary, but everyone is brought together by the desire to learn and train in a great atmosphere." Lindsey

Lindsey is shown with one if her project horses, a young black and white stallion. She is working on self carriage and the canter departure. The footage also includes her riding the beloved Baroque Farms High School stallion Istoso. All of the students have the incredible privilege of experiencing the collection, obedience and majesty of the Stallions trained by JP.


This video is a short snippit of Jp working with Cedar while introducing "Piaffe" to the 3/4 Friesian mare "Adiah". (age 4)

The Working Students take care of all the horses and are provided with furnished apartments (all bills paid) that includes internet access. In exchange they receive dressage lessons on our horses by Master Horseman J.P. Giacomini and his long time assistant Cedar Potts. Each Working Student is assigned their "own" horses and they participate in all aspects of training and handling. They will gain considerable experience in starting young horses (when available), riding advanced movements on older stallions, handling babies, doing foal watch, handling mares and stallions at breeding times (under supervision).

The Working Students all live together on the farm in 2 large apartments that overlook the covered arena. There are 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and 4 bedrooms. Naturally, we prefer Working Students that have some level of prior experience with training horses. A GOOD ATTITUDE and WORK ETHIC is mandatory. This is not a paid position. Working Students must have their own financial support. The only expenses to expect are for your food and whatever personal expenses. Your own car would be helpful, but is not required. Six month minimum commitment, longer is better.

We have 5 working student positions at all times and we are always taking applications! We currently have one opening, so to be considered send your resume/application to: jpgiacomini@gmail.com or give us a call at 859-748-9091. If you haven't prepared a resume yet, just tell us what experience you do have, and we will arrange a telephone interview.


JP resides in Kentucky and conducts clinics internationally. Schedule a J.P. Giacomini clinic today!
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